What is capital upsell app and how it works? +

Capital upsell enable merchants to upsell or cross-sell related or complementary products in the form of popups which integrates with the store and provides a seamless experience that help you generate bigger orders and more revenue.

How it will help me as a store owner? +

As a store owner you are always looking for a way to generate better sales by offering sales and upsells/cross-sells. Capital upsell is your answer. This app let you create offers that you can combine with different products. It's seamless integration and best shopping experience let customers buy the products with-in couple clicks.

Does Upsell Capital is free to install? +

Yes, It has a free free, Please see plan details here

How to install the app? +

You can install the app by going to the link here. After successful installation, please see the app code installation instructions

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