To start adding offer please make sure that following prerequisite are met.

1- Go to Shopify admin >> Products and create a product that you want to upsell.

2- Create a product that you want the offer(popup) to appear.


After adding that go to Shopify admin >> Apps open Smart Upsell

Follow these steps to better understand how to add offer.

1- Click Create offer. You will see the screen where you can add offer.


2- Add Offer Name (This will not visible to customers). Only for your reference to the offer. This field is required

3- Add Popup Heading. This field is optional.

4- Add Upsell product. To do that click Select Product You will see a dialogue box to search or choose a product. Please note that you can only select one product per offer right now. 

5- Connect the upsell product/popup to a product. Note that you can connect only 1 popup offer to a product. Search the title of the product in the search field and select the product, Then click Add

6- You can also make the offer draft if you want to keep it unpublish, otherwise leave it Active. Choose the theme of the popup buy clicking Popup Theme

8- Click Save to Create the offer. And Congratulations! You have success fully created your first offer.