In Cart Upsell Offer


Upsells are the surefire strategy to boost your average order value. According to Forrester, upselling can increase your revenue by 10 to 30%.

    To start adding offer please make sure that following prerequisite are met. 

    Follow these steps to better understand how to add offer.

    1- Click Create offer.

    2- In Offer type select Upsell Offer and then select "Show Offer in Cart Page and add the minimum amount that will trigger the upsell offer. 


    3- Now in Upsell Product section, select the products that you want to upsell and add discounts on the Minimum quantities. You can add as many discounts as you want by simply clicking Select Product button.




    4- Choose the display position of the widget. show either in popup when someone click on Checkout button or show as an embedded widget under Checkout button on cart page. Add Offer TitleDescription and Offer name and hit save. And you will be a offer success page after saving the offer.


    5- Click Save to Create the offer. And Congratulations! You have success fully created your first offer.