Product Bundle Offer


Capital upsell allows you to offer your products in a bundle, and promote those bundles to customers at a discount on product page. For example, set up a "Cosmetic kit" bundle with 25% discount, which includes makeup brush, face blender and makeup base and customer can buy these together and get 25% off on their order. They will be taken to checkout by skipping cart for fast shopping experience

In product bundle offers, you choose a few specific products that you want customers to purchase together. These could be a set of health supplements, cosmetic kits, candies and sweets or any complementary products. Select the products, set the discount and you're done. Capital upsell will show a "bundle widget" below the "Add to Cart" button and let customer now can and buy and save on the bundle. See demo below.

Go to Shopify admin >> Apps >> open Capital Upsell

Follow these steps to better understand how to add offer.

1- Click Create offer. You will see the screen where you can add offer.



2- Select Offer Type. By clicking on Bundle.


3- Add Offer Name (This will not visible to customers). Only for your reference to the offer. This field is required.

And then add Bundle heading This will be visible to customers on the. Ex. Bundle kit and 15% off.



4- Connect the bundle offer to a product. This product will trigger the bundle offer.


5- Add products in the bundle. To do that click Select Product You will see a dialogue box to search or choose a product. Please note that the connected product in the above field will automatically be included in the bundle.



6- Add Percentage or Fix price discount to this bundle.


7- Select Bundle Theme. You can show bundle in popup or as an embedded widget.



8- Select Bundle offer status. You can also set the offer to Active or Draft in offer status block.



9- Click Save to Create the offer. And Congratulations! You have success fully created your first offer.