Product Upsell (True Upsell!)


Product Upgrade Upsell  (True Upsell) is when you encourages the customer to spend more by recommending a higher priced alternative of the current product.

In the demo below rather than buying the “Air Buds” we are suggesting customer to buy “Air Buds Pro” instead.


Now that you have understood the true upsell, Let's Dive into how to create product upsell offer.

Go to Shopify admin >> Apps open Capital Upsell Popup & Bundles

1- Click Create offer.

2- In Select Offer Type Choose Upsell offer.

3- In Upsell Trigger Choose Show offer on specific product and then search and select a product.

4- Uncheck Add this product to checkout (Because we only want customer to add the upgraded version of product)

5- In Upsell Product section Add the upgraded version of the product and enter a discount that you want to offer to the user. If you want no discount, Enter zero.

6- In Upsell Display, select the position of the offer widget. You have 2 options popup and in-page (Embedded).

7- In Upsell Translation add Offer title that will be visible to customers. Add Offer description and lastly add Internal name in Offer name field. 


Hit Save.  Congratulations! You have successfully created your product upgrade offer.